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Our Site

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PCS Clinical Site is located in Łady, near Warsaw airport.

The Clinic involves:

- General, multispecialist Outpatient Clinic with its own database of patients and healthy volunteers

- Beauty Clinic

- Ketamine Clinic.

The Site is equipped with all necessary devices needed to conduct clinical studies. Implemented QMS ensures that all facilities and premies fullfill restricted precautions and are serviced according to internal SOPs.

Clinical Unit

-Up to 6 hospital beds with the possibility of hospitalization

- 2 beds for intensive clinical care 

- Internal laboratory and pharmacy 

- Clinic with physicians and diagnostic facilities 


We have experienced Laboratory Team, well trained and educated. Each Technician participate in regular laboratory procedures trainings (SOPs, instructions) and has GCP and IATA certificates.

Centrifuges with a cooling system

Various storage conditions

(2-8 ° C, below -20 ° C, below -60 ° C)

Services available:

- Labeling of test tubes

- Processing of blood (centrifugation, pipetting, storage)

- Processing of urine, 24 hour urine collection

- Long-term storage of samples

- Diagnostic tests

- Shipping to a central or local laboratory


PCS  conducts full range of pharmacy procedures, which cover all aspects of investigational product circulation between Sponsor, Site, Subjects. We offer performing pharmacy procedures by certified and experienced Pharmacists, who are well-trained and educated, with GMP and GCP rules knowledge. The procedures are conducting in accordance with protocol requirements, applicable law and international standards as well as with our internal SOPs. Due to our quality control system, we track the investigational products flow and record data using our internal or Sponsor’s documentation.

Labelling of the drug

Randomization of investigational products Preparation for administration

Disposal of the investigational products

Different storage conditions

Room temperature 2-8 ° C Below -20 ° C



Our standards of excellence are very high so we are confident that our Customers can depend on a transparent and open data exchange while our patients can rely on safety, respect and protection of their rights.

- Various routes of drug administration

- Possibility of telephone contact with the investigator

- Access to a fully equipped ICU

Technical aspects

The whole facility was built and constructed to meet all technical needs of such a facility. ​

- Air Conditioning 

-Electronic temperature monitoring system in
premises and devices

-Fire protection system

-CCTV in all main parts of the clinic

-Rooms with restricted access

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