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PCS Sp. z o. o. was founded

On 21st of July, 2020 PCS Sp. z o. o. was founded in Warsaw, Poland.

PCS Sp. z o. o. was established in response to growing demand for innovative treatments for Polish patients.

It was founded by CROS CRO Sp. z o. o. and two other memberhips: Marcin Tomaszewski M.D. and Marta Marek.

Our mission is to bring hope and help to patients whose therapeutic options are limited.

Our main goal is to participate in the processes of new drug development, mainly in the early phases of clinical trials. We understand the necessity for new treatments and therapies and we care about our patients.

As more and more patients are left with no available non-commercial therapeutic options, we would like to propose them innovative treatments.

PCS Sp. z o. o. scope of activities

PCS Sp. z o. o. has distinguished three separate entitites within its structure:

- Clinical Site

- PCS Medical Center (Outpatient Clinic)

- Depression Treatment Clinic.

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